Wirtshaus Zum Seppl

Prost, Heidelberg!

When you take a seat at one of the rustic wooden tables in “Zum Seppl” , you’ll find yourself amidst the action of one of the oldest student pubs in Heidelberg. Today, “Zum Seppl” is a restaurant where our attentive staff care for locals, business people and tourists alike. For the team of our head chef Dejan Eftimov, it’s a matter of honor to prepare our delightful regional specialties using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients.  In addition to Heidelberger Pilsner, we also serve the “Kulturbrauerei’s” complete spectrum of beer.

This historical building has served as a restaurant since the end of the 17th century and, in the early days, even had its own brewery. Over the years, more and more students frequented “Zum Seppl”, which explains the restaurant’s reputation as a meeting place for students. The restaurant, however, was never a classical student tavern as such because it was also a popular address for the citizens of Heidelberg as well.